“Honoring our 2020 Graduates”

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Orange Hill Family,

This year has brought us many unexpected circumstances and one of the groups most affected has been our graduate classes. We have traditionally taken time in May to honor those among our family that have reached a graduation milestone, and this year especially we want to do that. If your family has a graduate of high school, college, graduate school, or vocational programs, or if you're one yourself, please send us the following information so we can put together that recognition. We need: full name, school or program from which they are graduating, any information about degrees if it's a college or other program, any honors the graduate has received, a brief description of plans for the future including college or other advanced studies or a job, photos (since this will be shared on social media locations we will rely on you to confirm that any other people that are in the photos have given consent if their faces are visible). We'd love to hear what our graduates' dreams for the future are as well. If you have brief videos, we can find a way to edit some of that in as well, just no biographical feature films!

Please forward the information to Ken Stockdell by Saturday May 9 and we will plan to share the recognitions on May 17. If you have large files too big to email, contact Ken to arrange a way to transfer them. Since this is a unique year and requires a unique approach to honoring our graduates, if you know of one and want to share a story or a brief message of encouragement or say something else about what they mean to you email those as well.

Let's give these special folks in our family as much virtual applause, congratulations, and hugs as we can!

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