“This week's message: "Not Afraid!" Psalm 23:1-4”

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This week's message, "Not Afraid!", continues Pastor Spencer's meditations on Psalm 23, focusing this week on verses 1-4. Videos are available on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.  As always, the audio only version is available on the recent sermons section of the web site or from your favorite Podcasting app. Pastor Spencer says,

“‘When I must walk through the darkest valley …,’—that’s inescapable business! So the question is, what then? Is the Shepherd gone? Is want waiting on us after all? Is rest ruined? Are right paths overgrown and obstructed, shut down and sealed off? What now of the Lord’s reputation, here ’in the valley of deepest darkness’?”

  1. Grounded-Adult Bible Study
    5/27/20 07:00pm
  2. Weight Watchers
    5/30/20 08:30am
  3. Sun AM Sunday School
    5/31/20 09:30am
  4. Sun AM Worship
    5/31/20 11:00am
  5. Men's Bible Study
    5/31/20 06:00pm
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