“This week's message: "The Gathering of the Glad!" - Psalm 122”

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This week's message, "The Gathering of the Glad!", is from Psalm 122. Videos are available on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.  As always, the audio only version is available on the recent sermons section of the web site or from your favorite Podcasting app.

Pastor Spencer says, "What lies behind these psalms of ascent, and the picture they draw out for us, is a great theology of shared pilgrimage—a grand calling, a divine story, a transforming vision, a liberating orientation, the “expulsive power of a new affection,” eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart that understands, that altogether give us a sense of collaborative direction, a common goal, and a unified end point. We are they who look for something that cannot be seen. Glory awaits, and Christian pilgrims maintain a steady but determined discipline of facing forward together."

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    9/27/20 09:30am
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    9/27/20 11:00am
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    9/27/20 06:00pm
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    9/28/20 05:30pm
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    9/30/20 07:00pm
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