“This week's message, "Gripped!"”

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This week's message, "Gripped!", is from Romans 8:38-39. You can view it on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. As always, the message is available on the recent sermons section of the web site or from your favorite Podcasting app.

Pastor Spencer says, "What’s your testimony? What are you convinced of concerning the certainty of your salvation? What do you fear may interfere? What enemy do you cower before in doubt and confusion. What ought to be your testimony, and mine, given the great truths of the gospel? Let’s see …"

  1. Weight Watchers
    10/24/20 08:30am
  2. Sun AM Sunday School
    10/25/20 09:30am
  3. Sun AM Worship
    10/25/20 11:00am
  4. Men's Bible Study
    10/25/20 06:00pm
  5. Weight Watchers
    10/26/20 05:30pm
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