“This week's message, "He Shall Be Seen!"”

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This week's message, "He Shall Be Seen!", is from Genesis 22:1-19. You can view it on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. As always, the message is available on the recent sermons section of the web site or from your favorite Podcasting app.

Pastor Spencer says, "God promised Abraham a son. And then God gave Abraham a strange command concerning this son, the son whom Abraham loves. And there in the land of Moriah, Abraham learns a great deal about promise and fulfillment, faith and obedience, rest and hope. And, of all things, Jesus tells the Jews of his day, speaking of this very event, that “your father Abraham was overjoyed to see my day, and he saw it and was glad” (John 8:56)! What is going on here? Let’s look …"

  1. Weight Watchers
    10/24/20 08:30am
  2. Sun AM Sunday School
    10/25/20 09:30am
  3. Sun AM Worship
    10/25/20 11:00am
  4. Men's Bible Study
    10/25/20 06:00pm
  5. Weight Watchers
    10/26/20 05:30pm
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