“This week's message, "Here at the End of the Story!"”

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This week's message, "Here at the End of the Story!", is from Revelation 22:6-21. You can view it on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.  As always, the message is available on the recent sermons section of the web site or from your favorite Podcasting app.

Pastor Spencer says, "How do we hold the line? How do we stay the course? How do we press on in the face of what seem to be hopeless odds, so many hapless conditions, and our own helpless weaknesses? Despite the often crushing insinuations of circumstance and appearance, is there anything that will enlarge our vision, stiffen our resolve, put steel in our backbones, grit in our gut, and fire in our hearts for the long haul in the real world? Yes … there is! Take a look …"

  1. WMU
    3/9/21 07:00pm
  2. Grounded-Adult Bible Study
    3/10/21 07:00pm
  3. Weight Watchers
    3/13/21 08:30am
  4. Sun AM Sunday School
    3/14/21 09:30am
  5. Sun AM Worship
    3/14/21 11:00am
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