Is Not the LORD Your God With You?

1 Chronicles 22:17–19


The Lord’s people in the world—and such a world as this—aren’t to be anxiety-ridden, fear-driven, despair-laden, situation-defined, self-contained little black holes of wretchedness, sucking up and shattering who or whatever happens to stumble over their “event horizon.” No! Rather, we’re to be beacons of shining light in “this present darkness,” to be blocks of preserving salt in all this dank decay (Matt 5:13–16), to be convincing evidences of freedom among all who’re bound and tortured in the merciless slavery of Satan and sin and self (John 8:36; Rom 6), and to be always “ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope” [hope that’s apparent, inexplicable, and attractive] that’s in us (1 Pet 3:15). But how? What reality (and perspective) sets and keeps us, God’s people, on the right path?

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